Case 1 - Matt Layt Superbike Rider

Matt broke his tibia and fibula in a motorbike accident. After discussing the options, it was decided that treatment with an external fixator was likely to be the quickest way to get him back riding his bike. The external fixator was used to hold the bones in the correct position. Because of the damage to the bone from the accident had left Matt with a large hole in the bone, bone graft from the pelvis was placed into the defect to fill in the hole. Without this, it would have taken much longer for his leg to heal. The xrays show the stages in the process. After 4 months, the fixator was removed, and the leg healed with no retained metalwork.

On a July morning 2009 I decided to head out for the day on my Honda offroad moto x bike to our local track to get a few laps in. This helps with my fitness for the road racing which I normally participate in at the British superbike meetings. I was on track doing the usual things when I had a crash off a jump resulting in me breaking my right tib and fib. I was taken by helicopter to the university hospital Norwich. After x rays doctors told me of different methods of healing the leg but Mr Davis explained the pros and cons of each method, filled me with confidence and told me of the external fixator and how it works etc and a realistic recovery time.The fixator was fitted the next day and within a few days I was allowed home after showing I was safe getting around with crutches and having been shown how to care for the fixator. The first few days were strange I must admit, but I soon got used to it and every few days would clean the pin sites myself and re dress them. I adapted tracksuit trousers to fit inside the cage. Once I realised it was not as weak as I thought I was determined not to waste my six months off and set about building a camper although I never told the doctors of this! Over the next few months I headed off to the hospital every few weeks to have xrays and a tweak here and there and then as planned I had a bone graft,where ben took some bone out of my pelvis to fill the hole in my bone. This left me bruised and a little sore for a few days buy other than that was ok.The big day finally came round and the cage was removed and a cast fitted.I recall thinking how I prefered the cage to the cast.After about 3 weeks the cast was removed and I set about gettingthe leg strong.I went to the gym where I worked out a programme which didn't involve any impact exercise. After 6 weeks I headed to Spain for the 1st test on the new race bike. All was good again! My whole experience of the external fixator was good and I will always be grateful to Ben who made what other doctors spoke of as a massive problem a routine injury and now my leg is strong as ever - and I can say I have tested his work a couple of times since with not so much as a limp. Thanks Ben... Matt Layt

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